Visiting Bali is not only for enjoying beautiful destinations but also to do challenging water activities. For example, you can just go to Tanjung Benoa, Bali and enjoy some water activities experience. Those are including rafting, diving, and jet skiing, rolling donut, snorkeling, jet fly, and many more. You don’t need to get confuse about how to do those activities. We are ready to help you to do those funs. We are specialist in sea water sports in Tanjung Benoa. What you need to know that you need to have specific skill to do one of the water sports above. By using our service you will be accompanied by professional staffs. They have been trained and certified so you don’t need to worry about the safety. Our staffs and services are supported by safety and emergency standards. Even, you will get life insurance to keep you relax while doing those challenging sea sport activities.


There are several packages we offered to you when you spend your days in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. For example, you can take water ski package. We try to offer the most excited ski that different that ordinary ski. You just need to wear the shoe in the board. Then, the speed boat starts to pull you and you are ready to do your action. You have to hold the long rope. You can do some action if you want to and try not to fall and release the rope. Just feel such kind of sensation for about 15 minutes and you will be accompanied by our professional staff. Do you want to enjoy the beauty of underwater of Tanjung Benoa? We suggest you to take our diving package. Definitely, diving so much fun but it is also a must for you to have swimming and diving skills. Because of that, our expert instructor is ready to help you to treat before doing the real diving. In short, this package is also a good option even for you who never dived before. Just try an hour diving activity with affordable price from our package. On the other hand, you can also enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Benoa from the sky. What you have to do is taking our adventure parasailing package. By taking this interesting package, you will be flied like a bird while exploring the beauty of the sea and the surrounding above the sky. In parasailing, you will use parachute and you will be pull by speedboat. Again, you will be accompanied by an instructor. You will have short briefing before flying along with safety standard. You will fly around 5 minutes per session. It will be so exciting along with our parasailing package. Do you want to feel the sensation of flying close to the water in high speed motorboat? Just try our banana boat package. In this package, you and your friends just sit in a boat. The boat looks like a banana. Then, the speed boat will push the banana boat in high speed. The sensation is so much fun. You will feel the waves from the Tanjung Benoa beach. It can be used for 4 people and 1 instructor. Our instructor and team will bring you to feel this fun for about 15 minutes. It is also your opportunity to try our new package which is known as jet sky package. By trying jet sky package you will fly like your favorite superhero, Iron Man. The water from the jet will push you up. Balance is important skill and it will be guided by our instructor. You can feel this extreme sensation for about 15 minutes in affordable price. If it is not, you can also take our sea walker package. In this package, you can enjoy the beauty of under water in Tanjung Benoa by using a special helmet. It seems that you are walking around the water because your head is dry and you can breathe just like ordinary way inside the helmet. To enjoy sea walker, you have to spend around 30 minutes. For those who love speed, so don’t miss to try jetski and explore the beauty and the wave of Tanjung Benoa. Just use your 15 minutes to try the speed of the jetski.


How about if you don’t want to get wet although you are in Bali? Of course, we have several packages for you who don’t want to get wet. For example, in Ubud we have cycling package or ATV rides . Definitely, it is not an ordinary cycling activity. You are about to see and feel something different. Just imagine that you will ride your bike while enjoying the beauty of scenery along with the hospitality of Balinese villagers. The package is not only for the cycle but you will also get towel after riding bike, breakfast, lunch, water, and fruits. You can also choose to take the bicycle without tour leader or bicycle with our tour leader. We offer you specific bicycle route you never imagine before. Just imagine what you will get in 2 hours up to 2.5 hours cycling activity? Trekking is also the best way to explore Bali . It keeps you health and you get the beauty of the village closer. While trekking, you will see field, farm, forest, and mountain. Our tour leader will also take you to specific historical and cultural places such as temples, sites, and many more. The additional service of this package is fresh coconut water. Definitely, everything explained here will be enjoyed around 1 hour up to 1.5 hours. Actually, you can still enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Benoa underwater without taking diving or sea walker packages. What you have to do is taking our glass bottom boat package. Just like the name of the package, we will go to the middle of the beach by riding a boat. The boat has been modified so you can see the beauty of the underwater including turtles without going down and get wet. Actually, you will go to an island known as Turtle Island. This island is used as the place to protect turtle from illegal action and extinction.

Now, you know that we have various interesting packages to serve you in Tanjung Benoa. It hopes that those sea sports help you to enjoy Tanjung Benoa more than just sitting near the beach. Each of the sea sports has different sensation, so if you have time you can try some of them. We are offering affordable price packages with high quality service. High quality service means that you will get professional instructors, safety standard, safety device, and many more. The complete information is served in our official website. The information is including the image of the sea sports,ATV,Cycling and others  and if you don’t really satisfied with the image, you can just see the video of each sea sports. Then, you can choose which one of sea sport you want to try while spending time in Tanjung Benoa,and Ubud. Just tell us about what you want and what you need so you can enjoy the sea sport. It is also easy to make reservation to enjoy our service. You just need to check the availability. Then, you can make payment based on the sea sport package you want to do. Just wait for the payment confirmation from our customer service. The last thing is that you will accept voucher and when you arrive you can start to do the sea sport you have paid before. It will be good to check our official website because sometimes we offer you special promo. By taking this promo, you have a chance to enjoy our sea sport package in cheaper price than the ordinary price. So, what do you think? It seems that after reading this information, you have strong intention to go to Tanjung Benoa and take our services. Feel the excitement and you can share your new experience to your friends and family.  Our packages are good for you who want to spend your time by yourself. Moreover, it is also a good option if you enjoy those sea sports with your beloved friends and family free transport . This is the time to enjoy beach in different way. You are wet but in more exciting and fun way than the ordinary way. Everything is up to you. You can get wet to feel the sensation or choose to keep dry but you still feel the sensation. To make you sure to use our service, check the happy face of the people in our photos and videos. Later, you can also feel the same sensation and feeling. Everything will be served to you based on the international safety standard. Let us know first about your difficulty or what makes you confuse. We will explain to you as clear and complete as we can so you can play your favorite sea sports water safely and maximally. So, the last thing to do is start to follow the instruction to rent and use our service to feel the sensation directly. In the end, Bali will be the best place you ever visited because you take our service.